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Frequently Asked Questions

Phone (231) 652-1657. Our address is 28 State Road, Newaygo, Michigan 49337. Our regular hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

You may also use our Contact form.

Regular hours for City Hall are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Information for residents of the City of Newaygo can be found in our Newsletters Click here.

For events going on please see the River Country Chamber of Commerce

Information can be found by clicking here.

The City of Newaygo has two different ways to dispose of your leaves:

1)  You can come to the city office and obtain leaf bags at no charge for city residents. These bags will be picked up by the DPW when you put them curbside.

2)  Watch for our City of Newaygo Newsletter. We will post a specific week where you can rake leaves to the edge of the road per instructions, and we will pick them up.

There are two ways to find out the balance of your bill:

1)  You may visit or phone City Hall at (231) 652-1657 ext. 210 and ask at the front desk.

2)  Log into your online billing account, where your balance will be displayed on your home screen. Click here to create or visit your online billing account.

The library is located just north of City Hall (within the same parking lot). The entrance to the library is located on the front or rear of the building. Here is a map.

The City of Newaygo currently has a contract with Republic Services. City residents need to call Republic Services directly to sign up for pick-up.
Republic Services: Phone: (877) 698-7274

Republic Services offers either bag or cart pick-up.

Bags can be purchased at City Hall during our regular hours, but you must be registered with Republic Services or they will not pick up your trash bags.

Republic Services provides Bulk Pick-Up service the first Tuesday of each month. You must be a current customer of Republic Services to use this service. 
Republic Services: Phone: (877) 698-7274

Visit our Forms and Publications page to download an application for rental of Loomis Lodge and City parks. To check availability, call City Hall at (231) 652-1657, ext. 210.

Yes, provided no smoke violation or nuisance is created. Such fires shall burn only unprocessed wood, are allowed on private property, must be attended by a competent adult, shall not exceed four feet in diameter, and must be completely extinguished before being left alone. For more information, please contact City Hall.

Yes. Please visit our Forms and Publications page to download a permit. The vehicle must have a current registration before permit will be issued. There is no charge for this permit and is valid for three weeks.

Yes, a permit is required to hold a garage or yard sale. Please visit our Forms and Publications page to download a permit, or pick one up at City Hall. There is a $1 charge to process this permit.

On the weekends of Memorial Day and Labor Day, a permit is not needed to hold a garage or yard sale.

The Newaygo Post Office phone number is (231) 652-6677.

Visit our local Chamber of Commerce website here: River Country Chamber of Commerce

Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC)

Here is a link to the MPSC's Video/Cable Page.,4639,7-159-49641---,00.html

If you are experiencing problems with your provider, you should first contact your provider and attempt to resolve your dispute with them.

If your not satisfied, File and informal complaint with the MPSC

The DPW emergency phone number is 231.414.7311, but please know that if the problem is determined to be the customer responsibility, you may receive a bill for our time.

City of Newaygo

28 State Road
Newaygo, Michigan 49337
Phone (231) 652-1657
Monday through Friday, 7:30a-4:00p
Emergency: Phone 911

City of Newaygo