Water, Sewer and Trash

The City of Newaygo provides Water, Sewer and Trash services. Learn more about these services here. If you have questions, call us at (231) 652-1657.

City of Newaygo Water

City of Newaygo Water
Most residents within the City limits are supplied water from the City's Water System, which is taken from ground wells.

Water/sewer bills are sent out around the 9th of each month and due the 25th of the same month. There is a mail drop off box located by the double entrance doors off the parking lot behind City Hall for your convenience. You can sign up to have your bill automatically deducted from your bank account each month. Call (231) 652-1657 ext. 210 or Click Here to pay your bill online.

If you have City services and are having troubles please contact City Hall at (231) 652-1657 ext. 210.

The Department of Public Works is open from 7:00 am until 3:00 p.m. If the DPW is needed after 3:00 p.m. we can be paged, but if the problem is determined to be the customers responsibility, you may receive a bill for our time.

Property owners are responsible for all private water lines from the curb stop shut-off valve near the property line to the house. Property owner's must check all possible issues listed in the link below before City employees are dispatched. If dispatched, the property owner will be charged up to $90.00 if the problem is found to be owners’ responsibility.

Utility Billing Clerk

Ann Quick
(231) 652-1657 ext. 210

The Utility Billing Clerk is responsible for clerical work involving initiation and discontinuance of water service, customer service, and utility billing activities. Her work involves responsibility for initiating work orders to field personnel for connecting, disconnecting, and transferring services, computerized preparation of utility bills, and maintenance of customer records. Work is carried out with a considerable amount of independence applying practices of conformity within established City policies and accounting procedures. The Utility Billing Clerk also has the most interaction with the public, answering general questions or directing citizens to correct answers when unable to give them.

City of Newaygo Trash Services

Republic Services offers residential trash service for City of Newaygo residents. The following information applies only to these customers.

Recycling information:

  • Collection of Recycling carts will occur on the first Tuesday of each month.
  • The recycling container is only collected once per month.
  • Please place your recycling carts to the road the night prior.

Downloadable Recycling Guide: Click here Recycling Information

Republic also provides bags instead of tags for the same low price of $2.00 ea. Which are available at City Hall.

City of Newaygo Residential Service Rules

  • The can must be at the curbside, no further than 3 feet from the curb or road edge
  • Follow arrow instructions on top of the can
  • Please bag all trash, a tag must be on each bag if bag customer
  • Rates are set up for 1 full container a week, nothing extra on the side or stacked on top, lid must be closed.
  • The can must be placed 5ft away from any obstructions, cars, mailboxes, trees etc…
  • The can must be out by 6am the day of pick-up
  • Items we can not pick-up during your regular weekly service:
    • Car batteries
    • yard waste
    • hazardous materials
    • wet paint (we can take paint cans but they must be dried up or empty)
    • concrete or blocks
    • box springs and mattress
    • Car tires ( unless they are cut into quarters)
    • construction materials
Bulky Item Clean-Up Service Guidelines

Occurs the first pick up (Tuesday) of each month

Your item must be curbside the night prior after 5:00pm or by 6:00am the day of collection.

Each resident is allowed to participate in this special clean-up event according to the guidelines below:

The amount of trash is limited to one cubic yard (3′ by 3′) of waste. The driver will pull up to your house and load his truck up to the 1 yard mark and leave.

The following items are not accepted.
  • Car batteries, yard waste, hazardous chemicals, wet paint cans, concrete and blocks, car tires (unless they are cut in quarters) and construction materials.
  • No mattresses larger than a double and they must be dry and in a sealed bag.
  • Furniture will be limited to one (1) piece only, anything else beside it will not be picked up. The item must be dry.
  • No construction material will be picked up, this includes drywall, windows, toilets, sinks, tubs, glass, flooring, shingles, siding but not limited to these items.
  • No TVs larger than 32”
  • Acceptable appliances would be dish washer, dryers, stoves and washing machines (washing machines are going to be driver discretion because of weight). Not acceptable would be air conditioners, refrigerators and freezers.
  • Carpet and padding must be cut into 2ft strips and rolled and tied, and must be dry.
  • No ashes or burn material.
  • Bagged items or small receptacles must not weigh over 20lbs, and must not include household waste (food, diapers, animal waste etc). Bags could be subject to inspection.
  • Bulky items beyond 1 cubic yard, items listed above, and hazardous materials, wet paint cans, and car tires will not be collected.

Contact Republic Services:
Phone: (877) 698-7274
Address: 21545 W Cannonsville Rd.
Pierson MI 49339

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Drinking Water Protection

Clean Drinking Water
The Water You Drink is Yours to Protect!

Most residents within the City limits get water from the City's water system, which is supplied from ground wells.  It only takes a small amount of pollutants to contaminate an aquifer, which is the ground water the City and many non-City residents draw their drinking water from.  It is everyone's responsibility to properly manage, store and dispose of hazardous substances so that the citizens of the community can save on high costs associated with groundwater cleanup or replacement of contaminated wells.

Ways to protect groundwater:

  • Educate others about sensitive areas around public water supply wells.  See map for wellhead protection areas.
  • Plug unused or abandoned water wells.
  • Use pesticides and fertilizers sparingly.
  • Repair auto leaks.
  • Dispose of household hazardous waste, used auto fluids (antifreeze, oil, etc.), tires and batteries at designated collection or recycling locations.
  • Clean up after your pets and properly manage livestock waste.
  • Make sure septic system is functioning properly.
  • Use a commercial car wash rather than washing your car at home.
  • Sweep up yard debris rather than hosing down areas.  Compost or recycle yard waste when possible.
  • Clean paint brushes in a sink, not outdoors.  Properly dispose of excess paints through a household hazardous waste collection program.
  • Sweep up and properly dispose of construction debris.

Information and Resources

The City has developed a wellhead protection program. Download information at the links below. Learn about where drinking water comes from, how to conserve water, abandoned wells, lawn and garden practices, maintenance of septic systems, disposal of pharmaceutical drugs, construction storm water management, preventing groundwater contamination, and more.

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